Ist Health Run

The number of running enthusiasts is increasing. People are running for fun, health, positive energy. The Ist Health Run, organised for enthusiasts, was held on 15 June 2013 on the City Stadium in Police. There were approximately 200 competitors in different age groups.  There were four competitions: 4 km, 400 m and 200 m, as well as the most spectacular and fun 100 m run in... flip-flops :-).

The winners received prizes founded by a group of sponsors, including EPA Wind. EPA Wind also sponsored sweets and beverages for all participants of the Ist Health Run.

Honorary guests of the event included prominent Polish athletes: Piotr Małachowski, Rafał Wójcik and Łukasz Chyła. Our Olympians encouraged the runners, distributed autographs and awarded prizes.

We are anxiously waiting for the IInd Health Run!

Police, June 2013