Special Offer: Wind measurements using the EPA80R mast

Learn our new offer for one-year wind measurements. Benefit from our experience, high quality of measurements, very attractive price and payment terms and conditions..

Wind measurements: just PLN 8900 net per month

  • Payment: 12 equal instalments of PLN 8900 net each, payable each month after conclusion of an agreement, or otherwise as agreed.

One-year wind measurements

  • The offer applies to one-year wind measurements in Poland.

The price includes comprehensive services

The price includes all works necessary to build the mast and carry out one-year wind measurements:

  • Administrative procedure including the building and demolition permit for the mast
  • Anemometer calibration (MEASNET)
  • Construction, lease and operation of the mast
  • Import and verification of wind data, including transfer to the Client
  • One-year wind report and measurement documentation
  • Measuring mast disassembly

Tubular mast with a height of 80 m

  • The EPA80R mast equipped with state-of-the-art measuring equipment

Full measurement documentation and wind report

  • Complete electronic and paper documentation.

Highest quality guarantee

  • The best equipment and 15 years of experience in wind measurements.

Please address any inquiries to:

Wiesław Stanisławski
Senior Wind Measurements Specialist
Phone: +48 91 424 84 63
Mobile: +48 601 551 363

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